The Process of a Typical Home Inspection

A Sample of my Home Inspection

Basic Questions

home inspection interview

I start off by asking questions about the home that will have a home inspection. We also discuss the type of service you would like such as: a Buyer Inspection, Seller Inspection, Mold Inspection etc. 

Scheduling a Date & Time

scheduling a illinois home inspection in orland park and joliet

We then set a date and time that is most convenient for you. The time it takes for a home inspection will vary greatly, so I will give you an estimate so your realtor can give that information to the selling agent and they confirm that we are set to go. 

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Starting the Inspection

lockport inspection of the systems

This is where the wheels hit the pavement during a typical home inspection. I usually start at the systems of the house. This usually takes  awhile compared to room to room. I will assess the HVAC, electric system, water heater, sump etc. Each issue I find will have comments and plenty of photos in the report.

Room to Room

oak lawn inspection of the house

We then go room to room inspecting wall coverings, windows, electrical receptacles, flooring etc. Bathrooms will have all accessible plumbing inspected as well as fixtures, showers/tubs, venting to name a few. Find out why I am the best home inspector around.


inspecting the new lenox attic

Once the bulk of the house is inspected, I move to the attic/crawl, garage and outside systems. This ensures we keep the house as clean as possible. I will give my best during your home inspection.

Report is Issued

downers grove home inspection report

After I inspect the house I will answer questions and concerns that you may have. I then utilize an online-based reporting system to generate the report for you that covers all aspects of the home inspection. The report is cloud-based so sharing of info between agents moves quickly.

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What is Included in a Home Inspection

A sample of what I inspect during a typical home inspection.

What Matters in a Home Inspection

Performing Home Inspections in the Downers Grove Area